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Enjoy all the attractions of
New York's Finger Lakes!

Binghamton Zoo - The Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park has more strange and uncommon animals than at many other zoos. You can find all the usual favorites like the otter, reindeer, bald eagle, penguins, and gators. In addition, they have odd creatures like the sacred ibis, meerkats, violaceous turacos, snow leopards, black and white ruffed lemurs, emperor tamarins, and uromastyx. There is also the park to explore with its wonderful gardens and small fish-laden ponds. And of course there's the zoo store where you can find some of your favorite animals in the form of stuffed animals, small items, and trinkets.

Tioga Downs Casino - Sundays are family days at the casino, so head there to see the horse races! From exciting races to quiet meals with your favorite companions, Tioga Downs has it all. During the week, the casino bustles with nightlife. You can visit for the slots, the gaming tables, for a meal at one of their four restaurants. You'll also find shows featuring headliners from around the country. If you're looking for a fun getaway, the casino has all kinds of diversions. Weekdays are for adults only, so you'll need to make other arrangements for the kids.

The Great New York State Fair - From late August to early September, you can find nearly anything here from roller coasters, Ferris wheels, merry-go-rounds, contests, animals for judging, funhouses, slides, trinkets, collectibles, and deep fried foods on a stick. See contestants that are bred to perfection and visit the petting zoo. There are famous singers there every year and some artists display their works in the many tents and booths. There is always something you will want to buy at the fair, or some ride you want to go on, or some animal you want to see, or possibly a contest you want to enter.

Cobblestone Farm Winery - Wine, grapes, jams, and jellies are just a part of what they offer at Cobblestone Farm Winery. Whether you want to sample their wares, pick up gifts for friends back home, or stroll through the rows of grapes, this lovely winery has everything you're looking for. You can join in the annual grape stomping festival, held in mid September every year. In June and July, you can pick cherries in the orchard, and from September through October you can pick your own pumpkins during the annual fall festival. The vineyard is set on the edge of a beautiful, sunny lake.

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